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    Forum Friday Fun #9 - Design a new Siege Machine

    Thank you to TullSadum for the suggestion.

    When we released Town Hall 12, we introduced Siege Machines. This new type of unit was the first brand new mechanic in a long time. It radically changed how players attack other villages and how strategies are planned in Wars. Many thought Siege Machines were either going to cause the game to die, be completely useless, or would make the game way too easy for everyone. But today, which Siege Machine you select has a huge impact on the kind of attack you're using, the kind of base you're attacking, and how your Clan tactically plans out your War.

    From the humble Wall Wrecker to the quirky Siege Barracks, Siege Machines have found a place in Clash as one of the most valuable and indispensable units for high-level game play.

    For this week's contest, we want you to design a brand-new Siege Machine. In order to be a Siege Machine it must have one requirement: It must carry Clan Castle reinforcements. Apart from that, the sky's the limit for your creativity. You can also try to think outside of the box. For example, instead of carrying all of the CC troops inside, it can only carry 20 housing space and the rest get dropped via parachute beside it.

    The standard rules apply:

    1. ONE submission per person.
    2. This thread is for posting your entry. The discussion can happen in the voting thread.
    3. Submissions will close at end of day on Monday (Helsinki time).
    4. After the submissions close, we'll pick our 10 favorites.
    5. The top 10 will be placed into a poll for the community to vote on and the winning vote will get 500 Gems.
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    Mechanical rabbit:

    Concept- hops to the core, dealing an earthquake like radius of damage , does 10x damage to walls nearby in the radius. And the normal dps is dealt by hops in a smaller radius with dph based on hops.
    Hops towards the core in about 2.5 seconds
    Levels 1-3: (could skip this part, just extra info)

    Level 1:
    -3700 hp
    -200 dps
    -300 dph
    -cost 100k gold

    Level 2:
    -4000 hp
    -240 dps
    -360 dph
    -cost 110k gold

    Level 3:
    -4400 hp
    -270 dps
    -405 dph
    -cost 120k gold

    The the trade is to do less dps than the wrecker and focus more on walls around it and it hops and deals damage to only the buildings it hops, them a earthquake like radius to *only* walls.
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    Miraculous machinery with malign mandate!

    Mysteriously materializing Magic Mortar manifests mad mayhem: Missile-like meatshield militia manouver mid-air making mass melee-troops mobilized mimicingly maraud more meaningful.

    What does all this mean?
    The Magic Mortar wherever placed will fire in direction of the Th. But it will not be bombs or such that fly through the air, it will be troops! They will land 11 tiles away from the mortar, a Super Wallbreaker will be first to clear the landing area for 4 Giants that follow in quick succession, then in a mighty effort, the Magic Mortar propells the entire Clan Castle troops all at once into the air. This is too much for the Mortar and it breaks down, it still fires troops though, but now random troops up to a housing space of 9 get transported into the enemy base, one every 10 seconds.

    What? This machine looks familiar?
    Yes !! You are right ! It is in fact an original Supercell content and was even made public then. You'll have to dial back in time, to April six years ago. Then it was still labled the crazy clown cannon. But once the prototype was in testing phase, it couldn't live up to expectations and the idea was abandoned before entering the game. Luckily, the plans re-surfaced during a spring cleaning of the attik when a box of dusty blueprints was found. A fresh look upon the project together with experience from other siege machines lead to a slight altering of the original concept, and suddenly things worked out that would just not let themselves be fixed six year ago.

    Have Fun

    PS: oh, pics or didn't happen?
    wait a sec, coming up! EDiT Here you are, the original crazy clown cannon:

    and that was from here, posted April 1st 2014. (You can fact check the 2014 review video. link in my sig)

    Thankyou for the credits !
    I was merely hoping a Siege Machine would come up soon, because I had been working on the idea since the support troop thread, and had the pics ready so I could post really early on

    No cats were harmed during construction and testing.
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    Firehouse Station

    Description: When a fire breaks out, your clan castle troops rush to put out the fire.

    What’s it do: Completely stationary; the troops inside are preparing the hoses! When this siege machine breaks, all inferno towers on the map are frozen for 7 seconds.
    Clash of Clans: "The Goodfellas" (PPU98CGU)
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    **I'm just going to repeat this Idea over and over again until it gets chosen**

    Robo Maniac

    The Robo Maniac is a Robot that roams around the enemy's base with The CC troops inside. Destroying every building in its path. When destroyed it creates a small earthquake and gives out a small damage. And release the CC troops

    Target: Robo Maniac prefers Non-defensive buildings but will attack a Defensive building if there is no Non-defensive building near by.

    Bonus: It gives 2x times damage to walls.

    P.S. I'm dibsing P.E.K.K.A. Pault on behalf of Galadon. (If it is within forum and this contest rule)

    I am Dark Healer's Master.

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    Maybe there can be a cluster of 3-4 drones for the animation/graphic of this siege machine?

    Maybe the drones only target building and canít be targeted by defending heros or cc troops (unless the troops are deployed)

    Maybe the drones donít trigger the defending cc troops to come out? (unless the cc troops are deployed) if the clan castle building is destroyed by the drones the troops in cc would get auto deployed at that time.

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    The Siege Beam Cannon is a tremendous stationary cannon that takes aim toward your opponent’s town hall. Rather than firing a cannon ball, this siege machine gathers energy from the ley lines below your enemy’s village using their own magical properties against them. Once the beam cannon is fully-charged, it emits a destructive beam (4 tiles wide) that mows down everything in its path until it passes through the other side of the map. Firing the weapon causes the SBC to be destroyed, then your CC troops are deployed.

    Instead of doing a specified amount of damage per level, a fully-charged beam deals a percentage of damage based on the remaining hit points left to any structure it hits, depending on the structure.

    Defending Heroes will received damage equal to 10% of their remaining hp.

    Heavily-fortified structures like the town hall and defenses will receive damage equal to 25% of their remaining hp.

    Resources storages/collectors and walls will receive damage equal to 50% of their remaining hp.

    All other structures will receive damage equal to 75% of their remaining hp.

    Regular defensive troops will be completely vaporized (100% damage of remaining hp). Despite being a ground-based weapon, the beam is large enough to hit flying troops.

    The beam takes 20-30 seconds to fully charge (depending on siege level), but you may choose to tap your siege icon to fire before the charge is maxed. Doing so fires the weapon immediately shooting a beam proportionate to the amount of charge. If the SBC is destroyed before reaching its full charge, it will similarly fire a beam proportionate to the amount of charge.

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    Trojan horse- Heads towards town hall like ww and BBC would. 90% hp of ww. When dropped it spawns/drops 1 or 2 valks and then some more with each wall compartment it passes.

    Damage- same as wall wrecker except it does 3 times damage to walls unlike the X4 of the wall wrecker. Lesser splash area.
    Slightly faster movement speed (can't have a slow horse can you)

    How it works is along its way to the town hall it destroys walls. Every time it destroys a wall(s) it drops troops (same as the ones it initiated spawned, i.e., 2 valks) after 1 second. If it doesn't destroy walls then it only drops troops once (when placed). The more walls it destroys the more troops it spawn
    So it's like a wall wrecker but it spawns along the way.

    Ignoring the stats proposed, the basic idea is of spawning troops whenever a wall is destroyed. Valks seem to be (in my opinion) the best troop for this.

    Most value when placed on the side opposite to the town hall on a base that has multiple compartments along the way. That is, if it doesn't get destroyed too fast.

    Image: Since, for some reason i can't post pictures, is that of the Trojan horse with some Coc-worthy additions.
    Edit: an unicorn themed one would be nice especially considering Clash Royale has that theme in it's next season. Or maybe the Prince..... or dark Prince.
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    sparky frm clash royale.. a trash can on wheels

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    Quote Originally Posted by MiniDeathclaw View Post
    Mechanical rabbit:

    Concept- hops to the core,...
    Surely if it's a rabbit, the mechanics would have to involve it going to the centre of the base, and then the following conversation amongst the attacking troops on the periphery....

    -Barb king: What happens now?
    -Barb: Well, now, uh, Pekka, Giant, and I, uh, wait until nightfall, and then leap out of the rabbit, taking the enemy, uh, by surprise. Not only by surprise, but totally unarmed!
    -BK: Who leaps out?
    -Barb: U-- u-- uh, Pekka, Giant, and I. Uh, leap out of the rabbit, uh, and uh...
    -BK: Ohh...
    -Barb: Oh. Um, l-- look, i-- i-- if we built this large wooden badger--

    Sorry. Couldn't resist

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