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    Monster Truck

    Big monster truck which is to the wall wreckers what the blimp is to the stone slammer. Like the WW, goes straight to the TH but doesn't bust through walls and buildings. Instead it drives over them doing some damage to walls and buildings in its path. Movement speed would be same/similar to the blimp. There would be advantages and disadvantages to this. For example, you won't create a path through the walls for your troops but you would get there faster. A little skeleton "bomber" would throw little bombs at adjacent targets as the truck drives through the base. Death damage similar to blimp upon destruction.

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    well the latest siege (by me)
    should be laser trebuchet
    siege is mobile and is volatile (means that it blasts when destroyed!)
    lvl 1-4000 HP
    lvl 2-4500 HP
    lvl 3-5200 HP
    lvl 1-350
    lvl 2-420
    lvl 3-500

    Required lab level
    lvl1- none
    lvl2-lvl 12 lab
    lvl3-lvl-12 lab

    I am talking about TH 14
    To see my idea about TH 14 ,go to where all new ideas are posted
    my thread is "i have a really coooll idea!!!"

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    Apologies for the delay in getting the poll up. I will get it up tomorrow. Been absolutely slammed with stuff for the update.
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