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Thread: Almost Maxed Th6

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    Almost Maxed Th6

    Hey guys, Arman here. Actually i was a th10 max but unfortunately my id got banned so started a new account and i am very bad at attacks. So i wanted a clan to learn new strategies, tips & and tricks, expierience of old players.
    I need a full talkative that will me to improve my gameplay.
    Feel free to invite #LCQ0QP0JJ.
    Thank you.

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    Hello brother , I am a experienced player of coc I am at th 10 , I started a new level clan . We are recruiting members to play war if u want to support my clan u can join my clan name is Clan Of Legends clan tag is #2PGU0890Y

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    Hey man! We are Pizza Palace FC , we are a relatively new clan ( level 3) but we war a lot and our growing our clan each day! We are looking for one or two members for CWL. We also talk a lot in the chat and have a good laugh . Just invited you 🙏

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    Hey. We're a new clan (lvl 2) and looking for members. We have constant low TH wars with relatively high lvl and constant (5k+ last season) donations (TH10 max troops). We have a decent clan strength of 25 Active members

    Why not check us out?
    Clan tag: #28JUG80LC
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