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Thread: Wxgwan Clan | Clan lvl 2 (literally few points from 3) | TH7 + | Farming/Social/War

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    Wxgwan Clan | Clan lvl 2 | TH7 + | Farming/Social/War

    Looking for members to join our new clan that was created a little over a month ago, we are active daily and war on a very regular basis. We are wanting to take our clan to the next level and start to compete in the CWL and need your help. We are an English speaking clan that are friendly and are just looking to improve. We have the ability to donate siege machines but would also require donations from you. There are no major requirements just be active, donate, and have fun. At time of posting we have 14 members but are always open for more. We have a few second accounts so some stronger accounts would be great.

    Our clan tag is #2Y2RC2YYY look forward to clashing with you soon.
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