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Thread: Is it really worth it?

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    Worth is totally up to you. I never was a trophy pusher, but also not a barch or goblin farmer. My second account never even went to Crystal until TH11.
    My main is close to max 13 and spent most of my time in master and sometimes drift to Champ. Great loot and get 50-80 defenses a season. I have decided to drift higher so in Champ I presently.
    I did drop actually below bronze just to see if they would take away my shield when I was max 12 before 13. I didn't stay there long enough to finish unbreakable but should in a couple more seasons. And yes they take your shield! Have fun and play your way!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PapaTroll View Post
    To those who continue to mention guard and shield:
    You can discard your shield with a tap of your finger.
    lol, yes I know I remove my shields and guards all the time, so I donít float up into legends, and keep my trophy range.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warios View Post
    Better to make a base that they can not easily destroy any buildings,the 30 min guard after any destruction really slows down your progress.
    Ahh that's the case i wondered why i get guard sometime and not somrtimes

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    Quote Originally Posted by RH69 View Post
    Ahh that's the case i wondered why i get guard sometime and not somrtimes
    try this out if you are low and working on unbreakable.
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    I hover between low crystal and masters to farm..
    I have most collectors outside to attract an attack, but dark collectors and all storage are well hidden..
    Am currently at 4055 defences without actively doing the challenge..
    Biggest problem I see is with trophy dumps that keep pushing me up the tiers if I dont log on.

    seems simple to me.. If you wish to be competitive, then push to higher tiers..
    If you want defends, then farm at a level whereby those around you wish to maintain that lower level status, so will gift you "wins" simply to lose those trophies.. And having a little loot on offer helps lure them in.
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