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Thread: Clan War Sign Ups

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    Clan War Sign Ups

    Created an account just to throw this suggestion out, sorry if it’s been addressed already.

    I’ve been playing for about 10 years now off and on, I’ve never been in a clan we’re everyone consistently used their attacks. I feel as if there was a “Clan War Sign Ups” or “War Calendar” it would help A TON. Clan mates could easily sign up for clan wars on dates that suit them best.

    Also, recruiting. It’s almost impossible to build a clan and level it up while leaving the clan “open” so the “BUY GEMS @ GOTGEMS.COM” spammers can come in, spam and leave. There’s got to be better ways of recruiting.

    Thanks for reviewing this.

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    We use the discord app for cwl managment. 30v30 sign ups and anybody after #30 is a substitute. Players needing a particluar day off contact those subs and leadership adjusts the roster. I cant imagine trying to manage subbing players or selecting them without a 3rd party app to help.

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    I open my clan for a few day before clan games, and then close it back just to fill spots. Then I see who is active, and who will participate in wars before cwl. Those who don’t fit in the clan get kicked before cwl. As for wars and stuff. I have my guys go red if they can’t participate. I only do 15vs15 for cwl, but reg wars I do 20vs20 or 25vs25. For cwl I always scout out the clan we are goin against the day before, so I can try to evenly match it as best as possible with my top attackers.

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    Afraid I disagree with both the Point about CWL & Recruiting.
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    10 years now of playing? Amazing!

    There is an ingame option to opt in or out of wars... if your clans are not able to use those, then you might need a new clan. A good leader or war lord will sit and/or kick players who miss war attacks.

    Sounds like you have some interclan issues that you will need to get ironed out. Or find a serious clan who doesn't put up with missed attacks.

    Recruiting is possible. Just need to get creative.

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