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Thread: Losing interesting in the game, anyone else ? Longterm C1 CWL player

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    I feel you, too. Last year (after 4 years of playing everyday), I took a break from the game for a couple of months hoping it would respark my interest in the game. Eventually, I came back, it was fun for a few weeks, but now I find myself in the same situation again - I don't really have the desire to log in anymore. Not sure why, though, there've been so much improvements; it's most likely simple as that:
    Quote Originally Posted by ClashingOutOfControl View Post
    Maybe I have just outgrown the game and it's time park my accounts and say goodbye to the clan mates.

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    5 year, max player. Lost pretty much all interest as well. Really hoped the last update would bring my interest back but it was more of a chore to max back out again than anything. I'm still logging in, maybe every other day or so, but I hardly play anymore.

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    Totally see where OP is coming from
    Quote Originally Posted by kajid View Post
    Loot difficulty has gone up again today by 2.5% Why do they keep increasing the loot difficulty this makes the game not worth playing and before you all say there is more inactive bases and less active players it still shouldn't be a 2.5% increase in difficulty.

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