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    I was banned for 2 days for no discernible reason

    Hi! Iím here to appeal a ban Iíve been struck with. In the description of my ban it says ďdisruptive behaviorĒ but I donít remember doing anything wrong. The worst thing I did was leave my clan to join another clan that I owned 5 years ago to commemorate it then joined back in my main clan. If this is not the reason and I actually did something bad at some point, please let me know. I have my clanís first war day starting in a few hours and donít want to inconvenience my clanmates by not being able to attack. At least I would like an explanation and at most a appeal of my ban.

    Username: SquiddzYT
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    Quote Originally Posted by SquiddzYT View Post
    In the description of my ban it says “disruptive behavior”
    Sounds like this is the discernible reason. However, this isn't Supercell Support. This is the players' forum. Not only can't any player who posts here tell you anything about what you may have done, discussing bans is an inappropriate topic for the forum. You'll need to take it up with Supercell Support. Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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