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Thread: Bring Back Trained Troops/Spells/Sieges to the Queue

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    So, I go to bed... Cook up two camps worth of Dark Elixir Troops, one sits in the camps, one sits in reserve. Over 15k DE removed from my storage. I could now have next to nothing to take when raided.
    In the morning I cancel the reserve troops (which a can do currently if I choose, being refunded 7500+) and with troops returning to reserve I can do another full return on 7500+ DE.
    So allowing this can help remove resources from the economy. And while it’s only 7.5k DE, or however much you get doing similar with Elixir it still reduces the economy.
    I use to do this when the reserve army started but stopped doing because the number of times I’d forget to clear the back up troops made it overall, poor value but this would make this more viable as you wouldn’t forget as the army in your camps would be not one you would raid with.
    Wow. That doesn't make sense. 😀
    That 7500 de is your resource and you can do whatever with it.
    What difference will it make if you remove 7500 de in the economy now versus removing 7500 de after the implementation of this idea? I can only see you can get them back. But you already mentioned it, killing your own argument, that it can already be done today on a half smaller scale.

    And me getting back my own resource, means 7500 lesser de that I have to loot, and somebody else can take it for their needs.

    Deleting troops hurt the economy as well. It erases resource which can't be recovered. It could've been looted by someone if you're not too wasteful. Think about the poor!
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