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Thread: Sunny Acres is looking for new members! Friendly, chatty, and derby participating!

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    We have a few more spots available!

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    We made some space for new and active members! Come join us 😁

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    Daily bump! Still some spots left 😊

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    Daily bump! 😁

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    We have some place left!

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    Hello, I would like to join your NH. I am level 41 derby player. I completed all derby task with mostly 320 score .
    my I’d is #PJ2QUYLVJ. Please send me invite thanks. I can join after this weeks derby ends.
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    2 spots available!

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    Some spots available 😁

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    Jan 2021
    Can you lower the required level to 40, I want to join.

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    I play multiple times a day and try to complete as many tasks as I can. Looking for a neighborhood that helps as much as possible when asking for even simple items. Just left a neighborhood for absolutely no help even for 1 peanut, ever! I will produce an item to help, even if I can only produce 1 item to help in time.

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