View Poll Results: Which Support Troop Idea Do You Like Best?

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  • Be A Legend - The Coach

    13 16.67%
  • Phoenix1027 - The Troll

    20 25.64%
  • zank44 - The General

    3 3.85%
  • Ken1374 - The Gobapult

    7 8.97%
  • MrMike1985 - The Decoy

    5 6.41%
  • IMMORTAL2002 - Mr. Venom

    0 0%
  • HatchetTom - Cursed Mage

    7 8.97%
  • fette - Catnip

    9 11.54%
  • wotanwaton - The Village Maiden (AKA Sarah)

    9 11.54%
  • TullSadum - Siren

    5 6.41%
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    Vote for the Best Support Troop Idea

    Ok Forumites,

    We've reviewed the submissions for the Support Troop suggestion contest and compiled a list of the top 10.

    Honorable mention, only because this one came in after the Monday deadline but it still made us giggle.

    Iftheskyeisblue - Darren and Anne - I wonder who these two are supposed to be.

    The poll is posted above. Please read each entry and vote for your favorite one. The winner will receive 500 Gems.
    AKA Tank Puppy

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    Congrats to top 10.
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    right behind you
    Fette for the win.🥳😂

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    My vote for the village maiden
    Next competition new in-game currency

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    Didn't make it but Congo to the top 10

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    Congrats to the top 10!

    The Coach now motivates you all to vote for him
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    Gotta vote for the troll, though I’d argue troll rages should stack because trolls are susceptible to being enraged by other trolls.

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    Congrats to the top 10!👍👍👍👍
    Guys vote for ☠💀Venom💀☠...he support his army in a very unique way...he doesn't make them heal 😇nor make them raged😠 he aims the defence buildings 🏕. His poison ☠ ability makes the archers🎯🎯 on the archer tower miss their aim and reduces the impact of fireballs 🔥🔥of wizards. Not the end...his ability makes defences weak 🤕and reduces HP ⚡⚡..

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    Cursed Mage and Catnip are my favourites..... seeing as the Catnip has not yet outpaced the other entries, my vote goes to Fette for a fun post with great giggle content and still on topic 10x
    oh, and cudos to iftheskyisblue, I'd been in a real fit whom to give my vote had your post been in the poll too ! phew !

    Have Fun
    Stay Healthy

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    I got a go with the Decoy. With the offense that I use this would be killer!!! fingers crossed they put it in

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