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  • Pros

  1. Everyone has a fair chance to start again and be competitive
  2. Potential for better balanced wars and cwl
  4. More personality to clans - more borders/backgrounds = more uniqueness
  5. People WILL return
The first of those should be listed under cons. It is not something many people want.

The rest have nothing to do with the reset, just to do with the changes you propose afterwards (though some of those changes couldn't happen without the reset)

  • Cons

  1. Some people will not like to start again + HATE
  2. ???

I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions also.
No idea is a dumb idea, but some will cause the game to break.

Where you say "some people" there, this would I believe actually be almost everybody.

I believe quite a large majority of players are now probably in clans with high level perks, and would not want to have to start again to re-earn those.

Most would be calling fraud, many would even threaten to sue, very large numbers would quit.