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    Lalo attacks is amazing, But!!

    It has a secret, anyone know how to attack lavaloon at leagend league perfectly? 😢
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    The secret to lalo is NOT using it in legends. It's a base specific army, so it's, probably the worst army to use up there.

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    Base specific only if you are an amateur Lalo attacker. Looks like the pros are still able to use it flexibly at high legends. Just looked at Junghun from Vatang's army comp and looks like he's still using Lalo for leaderboard legends.

    I reckon it takes lots and lots of practice and being able to micromanage to be able to Lalo. You need to know specifically what you are aiming for with each micro deployment and be able to execute it. Unfortunately for me, my brain works faster than my physical actions so I can't keep up with the execution.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigFaceGuy View Post
    probably the worst army to use up there.
    Can't believe some1 actually said that. Classic LaLoon has always been one of the strongest strat from the very beginning even after th13 and scattershot were introduced to the game. Base specific strat? I think LaLoon actually has more flexibility compared to other strat. It is just harder to execute compared to other strat.

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    I'm only TH11 titan, never been in legends, and remotely possible being a "PRO", I only use Queen Charge Lava Loon strategy, I have 300+ records of 3 star attacks/raids since TH10(just saying to prove that's the only strategy I'm using), so I think I'm somehow qualified to respond here.

    I don't think there's a secret behind it, but my mentality when using it for attacking/raiding, is I have to take down objectives , these objectives if not taken seriously will put that strategy to its demise.

    - Enemy Archer Queen
    - 1 or 2 air defense
    - Enemy CC troops (mostly if they are Electros)
    - At least 1 Inferno (regardless if its single or in multi mode)
    - Eagle Artillery (if TH 11) above
    - N/A As I'm still at Th11, maybe it will just be almost the same but a harder one.

    Now this depends on different scenarios

    A. If Enemy Queen + Castle + Eagle is close to each other, Ill try to path towards it
    B. If Enemy Queen + Castle + Eagle is on a linear path, Ill charge towards it
    B. If Enemy Queen is on other side far from A and B, she is my no.1 priority, there fore I will start my charge there
    C. If Air defenses + Infernos + Eagle are close to each other but the queen is on the other side, I will path my queen towards the defenses I said, but I will deploy the lava hounds close to the queen, when it pops with poison, there's a great chance that the enemy queen will die (Defense priority)
    D. If enemy queen is jumping over an outer wall, my king will deal with her (Queen Priority)
    ......There's a lot more and the entire alphabet is not enough to list down all recipes

    Basically my number one fear is the enemy queen and the CC, if I'm able to take them out, I'll just cross my finger (mentally, you need those for attacking) and adjust accordingly. I'm really bad at reading bases, I can't determine which one is anti-lava loon regardless how many COC youtuber's I subscribe into, I'm just simply bad at it, so regardless of taking down my objectives I'm still not sure if I can erase the entire base, but its the only strategy that I'm sure and always gives me a high chance of 3 star against the odds.

    So to answer your question, the secret is "YOU", you just have to be good.

    Edit: those 300+ records I have are the attack I did against my almost equal weight and TH (visually) with live high level queen and with CC. I don't record those attacks from dead bases, no queen and no cc.
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    Laloo is one of the strongest attack at any th lvl but the problem is the execution.
    I haven't used it since early 10s it really needs proper planning and execution for the laloo pathing a simple mistake and the whole attack is a mess unless you're a pro to save the attack.
    Im not good with it so i use what im good at and thats ground (not the yeti though im not good with it either
    The main threat to laloo are AQ/eagle/cc troops like edg bd or dg for th 11
    For 12 the gigatesla
    For 13 the rc and scater added
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    Lalo is a great strategy, it is especially great because 75% of the players I attack have 3 ice golems cc and lalo ignores it.

    Lalo can be easy on some bases, but difficult on others but is not base specific. I usually look for a diamond/square ad structure and pathing. Use a queen charge to create pathing and hopefully get to eagle before the 1 minute 45 second mark. If not you will have a reliable high 2 star and if you know how to use it properly, three star.

    Also try to get wizard towers down during the queen charge as well as many other key defenses against lalo. Keep up the spread and nothing close together IMO. Also use king with queen to create pathing and max loons in cc with stone slammer/battle blimp.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MiniDeathclaw View Post
    ...difficult on others but is not base specific...
    I'm so motivated.

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