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Thread: Level 4 Clan// New recruits needed// Stank Ranklers// #8C8PQRJ2

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    Level 4 Clan// New recruits needed// Stank Ranklers// #8C8PQRJ2

    Hey I am the leader of this clan, and we are in need of some loyal and active clan mates. English members only and donate what is asked. War whenever possible, and 1000 trophies are required as well as minimum of TH8. Participate and be active for wars, CWL, and clan games. Elder is after 250 donations, and Co is earned after good performance. We currently only have 14 members so we greatly appreciate anyone willing to join that is loyal, friendly, and active. All members are friendly and our top 4 have close to maxed out TH13s and are always donating so you will always get the troops you ask for.

    When joining please mention in the clan chat that you saw us on the forum. If you have any more questions to help make your decision about joining, please do not hesitate to ask! I hope to see some big COCs

    Thank you!

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