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Thread: [Recruiting] 2nd Sons - Lv 18 Clan - East Coast USA - English - 18+

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    [Recruiting] 2nd Sons - Lv 18 Clan - East Coast USA - English - 18+

    Looking for members (obviously). Please read carefully before submitting a request. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a Personal Message and I will get back to you.


    • Mature-minded players, preferably 18 years old or older
    • Must speak English
    • Town Hall 10 and above for Clan Games; Town Hall 12 and above for Clan War League (non-rushed)
    • If main account is accepted, alternate accounts may be accepted as well, without meeting the Town Hall level requirements

    • Respect other players. Jokes are fine, as long as it's not offending others.
    • Do not spam in chat.
    • Donation must be kept above 10% of what you request/receive. Failure to contribute may result in a Kick.
    • Donations for war must be max level only. Any level can be accepted if used for farming, non-war defense, or Clan Games.
    • If you're participating in war (Classic and/or War League), we are expecting lower Town Halls to attack first within the first 8 hours when war starts. We normally start the war search around 7:00 PM EST. Place both attacks in as soon as possible. Late attacks will be noted. Missing an attack will exclude you for the next war. Missing both attacks may result in a Kick for being inactive (unless you notify us with a reason beforehand).
    • If you're participating in Clan Games, we expect each participants to contribute at least 1000 points minimal. Alternate accounts will be combined in contribution. If you're under 1000 points, regardless of meeting the last tier reward, you will be kicked before the Clan Games end.
    • If you are going to be unable to play for over a week, let any of the co-leaders know so we don't kick you for inactivity. We normally check people's progresses on a weekly basis.
    • If you have met with the requirements and accept the rules, please send a request to our clan (in-game or PM) saying "I Love Meech." (Big Meech one of our members in the clan).

    To Join
    Search for clan "#2QJ2VGCP" for "2nd Sons" and put in your request. If you are unable to find our clan for whatever reason, send me a Personal Message with your In-Game Name and Member Number.

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