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    Add bots

    Hello,i want to ask something very specific to everyone.first of all searching war has gone too tough i know algorithm works great but for lower town halls ,for players who play alone and for players who just dont spend time with game is nearly impossible to find war ,another case when you make clan adding new and active players is too hard and takes so long time and many other problems so i have an idea ,players have drastically reduced and you know that too,many are inactive many dont care about war and other stuff many just dont attack in war ,you can make bots who will always attack ,who will fill clans ,who will donate troops ,they will have their bot names for us to see if we want we add them if not we dont or kick them ,they will attack as normal player they ll request as we do ,also make clans with bots only bots to reduce war searching time to zero.also 1 bot clan will participate in each clan war league you can also make various bot townhalls i know its hard and will take time but i think it will change history and please people dont say now pvp believe me better play with bot and have great war than play with player who may even dont attack in it i suggest you supercell to make new era. Make bots and fill it again i think many will come back when especially wars will be active clans will be active searching for war for 2 days is annoying many left for it cause the most interesting part is war ❤️👍hope you ll understand and make future plans for it

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    NOOOOO!!!!! This is the worst idea on the forums! Sorry to say, but I only want real people to be attacking me and to be in my clan!

    A bot may get 3-stars all the time knowing itís way around and why in the world should these be added? You say are player Pool decreases overtime when people get inactive however, this is a normal cycle, we lose players and new ones come in on a daily basis.

    I canít even understand why you want this at all, it makes no sense for us to have.

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    This game is about interacting with other people, not bots. There's no way this would ever be considered.
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    Can't say this is a good idea OP. Actually I hate to say it, but it might be one of the worst I've seen.
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    Just nope. Please think before you post. There are plenty of players in Clash of Clans.

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    Let me guess, you played this game on the era where bots and game mods were so common, well then your'e out of luck man, this is a bad idea.

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