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Thread: NephilimRejects recruiting is now open.

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    NephilimRejects recruiting is now open.

    Lvl21 international adult clan is in phase of rebuilding and kicking butts. Core is solid and has been together for years, now we just need more powerful players who can hit hard and maybe surpass our activity level. Discord is optional but must be good with communication. Currently our 3 stage plan to rebuild is:

    1) Recruit active, loyal and solid players, preferably th12+. (active and solid th11 might also pass)
    2) Kick butts of every opposing clan, while we climb up the cwl ladder, leaving only pain and sorrow behind us.
    3) Enjoy the spoils of wars and victories with good team that we slowly but strongly build.

    Any questions? Hit me up here or visit us and see how you fit with us.

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