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Thread: Max to all war-loving clans

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    Max to all war-loving clans, any level

    Hey, it's me, Kavin Upreti(player tag-#9UJV98UJV)
    I had posted before yesterday, and was not too satisfied kinda with my own message
    Here is what I need-

    Any level clan
    Can keep me in cwl
    Max cg
    Good war log

    I'm fine with rebuilding as well!

    Regards and thanks,
    Kavin Upreti
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    Check us out, Tau Tau (#820YUJ9C) lvl 8 clan currently in a rebuild but wars are b2b. PM me if you have any questions. Thanks

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    Daily bumpty bumpty bump.....
    Not too satisfied with the results haha

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    How to apply: Send me your profile tag as a Private Message here or on DISCORD (username: raghubonu5951)

    Check out our clan.
    Currently a L10 clan. Our focus is doing clan wars and clan leagues. Our aim is to reach master league as a team.
    Wh should you join: We don’t pressurise you to get 3 starts. A one star or even no stars will suffice. We have mature people in the clan and also there is no pressure on donations ratio to be maintained. The only ask is to use both your attacks in war. We donate every troop available with max perks.

    How to apply: Send me your profile tag as a Private Message here or on DISCORD (username: raghubonu5951)

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    United Kingdom

    Our clan is now 6 months old, (very nearly) Level 7 and English speaking. We currently range from TH12 to TH5. We have 25 members and are looking for active players to join and help grow the clan even more! We participate in Clan Wars, Clan Games, Clan League, donate troops and exchange war secrets!

    We are mainly UK based but have members from all over the globe :-).

    We tend to enter everybody into the Leagues so that we all get some medals at the end, although you are only selected to battle if flag is green :-)

    We can now also max Clan Games (nice perk).

    Daily 'attack my base' challenges. Friendly group that would love to have you on board.

    Our clan name is ParviEnimForti #29C00JPV2 - hope to see you soon x

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    Bumping bumping bumping Monday

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    Hello, I am a max th13 started a clan with a decent discord server, if you wish to be part of it plz let me know.

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