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Thread: Spiritís Peace~Champion league~looking for derby players!

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    Spiritís Peace~Champion league~looking for derby players!

    🦋Spiritís Peace is once again expanding!!! Our main hood is Champion's league, We are global leaderboard bound! We are very competitive, & strive to win. We are a friendly,helpful international team. We work together to achieve these common goals.
    🤔Requirements are;
    Must be level 76.
    We require all tasks!
    320/400/10 every week.
    Communication is key!
    🗺. We are also a Valley hood. We hit all the chicken/animal requirements and are always on the lookout to repair others trucks.

    If you are a lower level farm, looking to level up and be a part of a great team we also offer-

    🐣Spiritís Peace Annex
    This championship league hood is where you come to see how we derby in the main hood while waiting to level up. Itís also where some of our main members keep their baby farms. Itís extremely active. Some farms may be called up from time to time to help in the main hood!

    If you are interested shoot me a DM! If you are motivated to win we would love to have you!

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    We are level 207 in the global leaderboard!

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