Hello Clash fans ,

{ Read time = 3.5 mins , who has plenty time to read }

I appreciate your patience and curiosity to look out for a clan . Well , I have a "offer" for you .

"NZ Kingdom" , welcomes you all for a fun,awesome and sweet COC experience . -->> Check out the link (smarter way)

https://clashofclans.com/clans/search/#clanTag=2JUYV2P0 .

Well , lets get to the point :-

WE are cool and relaxed family and openly accept loyal and true coc players . All those who meet the clan requirements are invited to start a new journey .


-->> Active TH - 8-13 (multiple is the best ) , maintains clan's code and healthy attacker and pays attention to cc request's .

-->> Good war attacking and tactic play for CWL AND ordinary wars.

-->> Respect is earned so promotion rules are officially same.

-->> Maintain a chill and sharp mindset . I would appreciate " Hungry Learner" "Competitive" .

-->> Max troops donations , no fixed donation ratio


IF you fail to meet up the the above requirement!! NO worries

*** Send a "friend request" at my id = ELITE HERO ( just search me with tag- #GPLY9C2Y ) & I shall invite you

I am done , now it's your turn !! JOIN , PLAY AND HAVE FUN

///Clash on////