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    Special Derby

    Hi all.
    Here are my suggestions for the future update
    1. Xtra Point Derby : Player will get extra derby points when they complete derby faster. For example : You have to finish product task in 1 day. When you finish it in 5 hours, you will get 10 more points derby, in the next 10 hours you will get 5 more derby points. However, failing to complete the chosen task will give you a penalty, something like losing some of your cumulative derby points, but still counted to player's task quota
    2. Halloween Derby : time limit of a task will be separated into two parts.When you donít complete your first part time, the halloween will eat some derby points that you should gain from the task you are doing. For example : eggs task with 320 points needs 8 hours, it will be separated into two parts time, the 1st part need 6 hrs and the 2nd part need 2 hours. When you complete task at 1st part time, you will get 400 points, but when you finish the task after 6 hours 1 minute, you will only get 320 points. However, I suggest you not to include mining task, helping task, and townies task ( maybe specific townies i will suggest you, for example townies in BnB or something like that). It will make it more competitive.
    3. Hufft Derby : 400 point tasks only for boat task, fishing task, and specified townies tasks. I named it hufft since you are too tired to do the boat task, fishing, and specified townies task

    Thanks. Sorry for my bad English
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    Yes! Agree! So nice ideas!

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    Good idea....

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    1) Please no, players who use diamonds a lot have a great advantage.
    2) Nice one
    3) Yes
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wlad View Post
    1) Please no, players who use diamonds a lot have a great advantage.
    2) Nice one
    3) Yes
    It depends on players decision whether they want to use diamond or not at all. They who use diamonds do sacrifices with their real money or with their long time playing to collect diamond

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