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Thread: BARN Storage

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    BARN Storage

    Hi Nick,

    Adding to the many, many barn storage ideas and requests over the years and in particular to this one unfortunately posted in the wrong sub-sub forum (poster is a newbie - she’ll learn )

    I submit the following:

    1. Alphabetical Order: Everything in alphabetical order. That’s the first and overriding rule.

    2. Use Machines/Areas/EMs as Categories (in alphabetical order): for example the Cake Oven would be a category and everything made by the cake oven would be listed under that category in alphabetical order.

    Similarly, the Fishing Pond would be a category and the number of feathers, fish and lobsters would be listed under that.

    So too, the Expansion Materials (EMs) of all types (BEMs, LEMs, SEMs, TEMs) would be listed together in alphabetical order). Because LEMs and TEMs and more overlap it would be confusing and repetitive to break them out by the thing they are expanding.

    Animal Products - milk, wool, etc.

    Mining Products - iron, gold, silver and so on and so forth.

    I’m sure this engenders a lot of hard work - like the Town Hall did. I also wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve forgotten something major but there it is anyway. For your consideration.
    Thank you.
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