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Thread: *** epic valor | #2prloccp9 | th10+ | open recruitment ***

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    Lightbulb *** epic valor | #2prloccp9 | th10+ | open recruitment ***

    Epic Valor is rapidly growing!
    With each member recognized for their strengths and performances, Epic Valor is the ultimate choice of Clan to Clash with!

    The clan is looking for committed clashers who are active in war and donations.

    The goal is to create a competitively solid clan with up to 20 members.

    Why join us?

    • We love War - Friendly & Competitive!
    • Donations! Donations! Donations! -- We are generously generous!
    • Strong leadership that will always be willing to help those who need it!
    • Kind and respectful individuals that will always be supportive
    • The most important rule is: Have Fun! (This is a game, after all).

    Town Hall Requirements:

    We are willing to accept anything TH8 and up, as long as they are active in both war and donations. TH10+ preferred. Must Be Active.

    How to Join:
    Search & Join:
    Epic Valor

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    Clash ya later! (;

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    We need at least one TH12 for Siege Machine support.

    Other levels still welcome to join.

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    Bump! If you're looking to make difference and become a part of a tight Clan, then join us!
    We have people from all over, and the vibes are chill & friendly.

    ***Currently Recruiting for TH12 for Siege Machine support!***
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    bump bump bump.

    Join the squad! We want only active members!!!

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