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Thread: Kinda rushed th11 looking for a clan for clan games

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    Kinda rushed th11 looking for a clan for clan games

    Looking for a casual war clan in which I can help out with clan games. I'm active, donate whenever I can, and not competitive on this account.

    Most of my defences and troops are at a th9 level.

    Username: Atlas
    Tag: #PPYL8J2VO

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    Clash Game Clan - (we have never not maxed!)


    Absent Doom #JV08U0PJ

    Clan Level:
    Clan War League:
    Master League III

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    (Aiming for tier 4 this clan games)
    What we offer:
    ⚡️Back-to-back wars
    ⚡️Help and advice on how to attack

    ⚡️A consistent war log

    ⚡️An organised discord server
    ⚡️Being included in war, regardless of your level
    ⚡️Regular Townhall 9 level donations
    ⚡️Friendliness and fun
    What we are looking for:
    ⚡Townhall 7-10s, and 11+ donors
    ⚡️People who like warring
    ⚡️Helpfulness and willingness to learn war attacks
    ⚡️People who will be willing to donate whenever they can
    But most of all... People who can have fun!
    Apply in discord -
    Find rules here -
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