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Thread: [Ask] Builder Base, 2 Years Later...Questions

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    [Ask] Builder Base, 2 Years Later...Questions

    Hi all,

    It's been two years since the builder base has been introduced into CoC.

    Curious to understand from the CoC players on this subreddit what you think about the builder base (BB), two years after its been introduced?
    How much of your time is spent on the builder base (BB) vs. the main base? And as someone who just re-engaged with the game, is it worth the time to play the BB vs. just focusing on the main island base? Is there benefits from playing the builder base that carry over back to the main base (I know you can gear up cannons on main base, and to do a daily battle pass quest from playing BB), but what are the main benefits for the main base from playing the BB? Or is there not much? routerlogin 192.168.l.l

    Thank you.

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    It is actually 3 years old, not 2.

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    i've maxed it out on two accounts, and only play it for the daily star or clan games.

    I'm bored to death with it, and am hoping the next update is something completely different than what we have had. I did enjoy the first 6 or so BH levels but each succeeding level was basically more of the same.

    I take nothing over to the main village as each game is totally different.

    If you have TH13 max aspirations, its worth the effort for the 6th builder. I am happy i maxed it out and kept it max with each update. It bores me now, but i dont hate it.

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    My opinion is about the same as James except I wouldn’t say that I am bored to death. I just enjoy the loot raiding more than trophy raiding

    A 6th builder is nice. Having a upgraded BB for clan games is nice. I was disappointed that I can only modify one of each main village defense. I haven’t even bothered on my next accounts.
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    I've finished all building upgrades and am working on walls now, but attacking is boring to me now so I'm just upgrading walls with the loot from my collectors.
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    I've been maxed for months on my main. Just do the daily star attack and clan games with it. Enjoying my mini that's at bh8.
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