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    Forum Friday Fun #8 - Design a unique Support-type Troop.

    Hey Forumers,

    Can you believe we've already been doing these weekly forum contests for 2 months now? I genuinely hope you're enjoying these as much as we've enjoyed reading your submissions. There have been some truly epic entries and there have been some that say we know you're trying your best ;-).

    There have been a few objectives in doing these weekly contests.
    1. The engagement on the forums has been awesome with these threads. It's great to see so many creative individuals putting their ideas forward.
    2. The secondary objective was to show that in game design, anyone can come up with an idea. In fact, everyone does come up with ideas - but what makes an idea great is when it can work in the game. Forcing the game to work around your idea is not good game design. You want the idea to seamlessly work in the existing infrastructure of the game environment.
    3. A tertiary objective is to show that while your idea may seem really cool, everyone else has a different opinion and sometimes it sucks to be told your idea isn't as cool as you think it is. However, sometimes your idea may be revolutionary; you just need to know how to package it in a manner that convinces everyone else about how cool your idea is.

    I've noticed a bit of confusion about these weekly contests. These contests are not meant for the dev team to use as a shopping list for ideas. While many of them do look at your entries, I want to make it very clear these weekly contests are strictly for fun in the community. However, it is possible that one of your ideas may one day make it into the game in one form or another.

    Ok now on to the weekly contest.

    We want you to design a unique and new Support type troop. What is a support troop? In games there are several archetypes:
    • Tanks: Do very little damage but either have lots of HP or some kind of damage reduction ability to make it survive longer and protect the other units.
      • Examples: Golem, Giant, Lava Hound

    • Damage Dealers/DPS: These units do the majority of the damage when being protected by the tanks.
      • Examples: Wizards, Bowlers, PEKKA

    • Support: These units assist the other units in some way. Whether it is providing buffs, healing, or some other kind of bonus, support units are very strategic in their use in order to optimize their utility.
      • Examples: Healer, Grand Warden, Lumberjack from Royale

    For this contest, we want you to create a brand new Support-type troop. Whether it provides a speed buff, a protective shield, some kind of Elixir refund, whatever. Come up with something new and Clash-y!

    The standard rules apply:

    1. ONE submission per person.
    2. This thread is for posting your entry. The discussion can happen in the voting thread.
    3. Submissions will close at end of day on Monday (Helsinki time).
    4. After the submissions close, we'll pick our 10 favorites.
    5. The top 10 will be placed into a poll for the community to vote on and the winning vote will get 500 Gems.
    AKA Tank Puppy

    If you have account-related questions like account bans or Supercell ID issues, please contact Player Support at this link. Please note that Community Managers and Forum Moderators are unable to assist or answer any account-related questions.

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    Been thinking about this for a while & will flesh the idea out over time.

    Basically my idea is the Sidekick, actually 4 of them (at the moment); one for each of the current heroes. With more added as and when appropriate. Unlocked at levels 8, 10, 12 etc... Barbarian Prince; Archer Princess; Junior Warden & Royal Somethinglame (just like mama). you get the drift.

    A symbiont that only exists whilst the hero it's supporting is alive. It will have a small percentage of it's hero's firepower (maxing ~10% or so) & will use that firepower to defend the hero. So while Queenie's shooting walls her Sidekick will deal with the Larries or start dealing with a nearby defensive building say. It should be powerful enough to save a hero from a single point defence (or at least put a big dent in it), it won't protect the hero from a barrage. The idea is that these units are not game changers, more that they deal, in part, with some of the more frustrating AI issues.

    It will share it's hitpoints with it's hero. In addition to expiring when it's hero does, any hits it takes will also affect the hero (in part, pro rata, based on the stats of the finished unit); that's the symbiont bit. It will not, however, die before the hero does. By making it symbiotic, it won't cause too many balance issues at lower TH levels (hopefully).
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    'the beast '

    it will be a ground troop and it will power up the damage of a single troop and heros and it will have a special ebility after hit by the defences it will bolws its special ebility at a certain range and power up the damage of the all troops within its range..

    Housing space- 12
    training time - 2 min
    training cost - 12000 elixer
    hitpoint - 1700
    troops pu - 70
    hero pu - 54
    speed - 17
    target - any
    damage type - single
    ebility range - 4 tiles
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    The negator (not the best name)
    This troop reduces damage taken by troops or heroes inside a small circle around it. Ground troop that reduces both air and ground attacks (attacks on air and ground troops)
    Takes a percent of that damage on itself
    Reduces damage from traps also

    More likely to follow troops that attack on its own, like a healer. Deals more damage when troops are around( rage effect) and moves faster( increase by a few percentage based on number of troops or housing spaces worth of troops nearby).

    High hp. Low dps. Medium movement speed
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    ElecrtrIce Wizard or electricitice wizard
    He does alternating blasts of ice and electricity , moderate damage
    Electricity attack has the ability to stun a defense building , the chance(to stun ) is subject to balancing
    The ice attack slows down the attack speed of defense building and makes it weaker-lowers HP of building (defense or regular)during effect of the ice which is limited (ice makes the buildings brittle ?)
    Does this count as a support troop ?🤔
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    The Boomer

    Concept: the boomerang effect of splash and beaming damages

    Background: there is no real protection against splash (especially that new th13 defense ) or multi target beamers.
    The boomer would be a troop, of medium spacing, medium DPS and HP, maybe a beefed up wizard stats, with the added effect of returning up to 50% of splash and beam damages to its origin (ie tesla, inferno, wiz towers and even eagle); by acting like a partial mirror, but only on the splash. If targeted directly, only 25% of these damages are mirrored back.

    In defense, a boomer, situated behind a wall, would return 50% of the damages back to a wall wrecker for example.
    Also, for fun, a boomer would catch a bowlers’ boulder and send it back (half or quarter sized of course).

    Stats and more stuff to come.

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    I introduce... The Coach !
    As always, I made a little sketch

    General Concept
    The Coach... Also called [double alliteration incoming] Mister Motivation, the Master in Motivation. He drastically increases the movement speed of the troops around him when he blows on his flute. He is good for his teammates, but an annoying guy for the enemy. He has a huuuge flute (okay that sounds very wrong). His whistle hurts the enemy's ears around him dealing a decent amount of damage. "What about the buildings"? Dont ask those hard questions. Now I have to explain something with science. He just... finds the right frequence to destroy the structures (thing that happened with Tacoma Bridge, but then with sound, resonance). Every second, he whistles one second (which deals area damage and boosts troops).

    The Coach is super active and jumps over walls with 100% enthousiasm! His whistle deals a little extra damage to clan castle troops and heroes because eeh... they have ears, I guess? Our good man Mister Motivation drinks purple elixer and takes a big amount of housing space. Is it because of his huge muscles? Nobody knows... (of course it is because of his muscles).

    The Coach stretches a lot so he is very agile. This is why he sometimes (25% chance) dodges a received hit. For an inferno or an Xbow, this means 25% less damage. This effect will also be given to the surrounding troops when he whistles, but then with a 10% dodge chance. (Nightmare to code?)

    The Coach doesn't go its own way. No, he follows the troops like the healer does. No matter if there are targets around him, he whistles for one second every second. So 1 second whistle, 1 second cooldown, 1 second whistle, 1 second cooldown,... Am I explaining it too well? Well thank you

    Still reading? Great! It was becoming a bit boring, wasn't it? Let's jump into some details:
    - He doesn't like: lettuce
    - Favourite book: The Jungle Book
    - Favourite animal: A lion
    - Favourite food: Spaghetti

    Okay okay, I'm just kidding. Still wonder how I make my posts so long?

    Let's jump into the real Details:
    - Housing space: 35
    - Movement speed: Same as goblin
    - Damage at lvl 1: 95 dps
    - Health at lvl 1: 1650 HP
    - Unlocked for TH12+
    - Favourite target: Follows troops and occasionally hits defense buildings, troops or heroes when they are in range of the whistle.
    - Whistle range: 4.5 tiles
    - Speed boost at lvl 1: +45%
    - Deals 20% more damage to troops and heroes.
    - Effects do not stack when 2 whistle areas overlap.

    The good thing about The Coach is that he can be used in any strategy. But it would fit best in a mass attack. Fast, 10% less inferno damage... perfect.

    Summary for Darian (you have enough work to do)

    Whistles every second for 1 second. The whistle reaches 4.5 tiles. When in range of whistle:
    - +X% movement speed for surrounding troops.
    - 10% chance to dodge recived hit for surrounding troops.
    - Whistle deals damage to buildings, clan castle troops and heroes in range.
    Additional information: Coach Jumps over walls and follows his troops like the healer does.

    "May The Coach Be With You"
    © Be A Legend
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    Support troop: Troll

    It's a support unit that gives off an aura around himself that enrages your troops (get it? Internet trolls make people rage! ...I'll see myself out now...)

    The aura does not stack with rage spell. If a rage spell is dropped on troops that are boosted by the aura then the aura's effects supercede the rage spells. If using multiple trolls and their auras overlap then the effects do not stack either. The troops within the overlapping aura only gain the effects of one troll.

    He does not follow troops like the GW. Instead he attacks buildings with no favorite target, and his aura is a passive ability. He carries a large bone boomerang to attack with that flies back to him after every throw.

    Unlocked at TH13 as a dark troop

    Housing space: 50 (so it can't be donated)

    Training time: 20 minutes when one dark barrack is upgraded, and reduced to 10 minutes when both dark barracks are upgraded.

    Maximum level: 3

    Level 1: 600
    Level 2: 700
    Level 3: 800

    Level 1: 90
    Level 2: 100
    Level 3: 110
    He has a 3 second delay between throws.

    Range: 4 tiles

    Aura boost:
    200% DPS boost to troops and heroes
    No effect on healer's healing speed
    No effect on movement speed
    No effect on the troll himself but can boost other trolls' DPS

    Let's give new meaning to the phrase "getting trolled"
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    The Tornado Man (yes I’m bad at making names don’t judge me by the name)

    The tornado man harnesses the power of... you guessed it, the tornado trap.

    He creates a tornado of around 4 tiles, which slows down the defenses in the tornado, and deals some little damage to them. He will follow troops around him but here is the twist... he will only follow troops with more than 20 housing spaces and heroes, so you better be good at funneling.

    Unlockable at: th11
    Type: dark troop
    Housing space: 15
    Tornado range: 4 tiles

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    I would like to introduce:

    R. - Rapid
    A. - Acceleration
    S. - Support
    C. - Contraption -
    A. - Archetype:
    L. - Larvae

    This small larval troop comes in packs of 3, and has an opposite-like effect to the Baby Dragon: the R.A.S.C.A.L. will move very fast, but tends to hide behind troops, speeding up the troops in front of them. The R.A.S.C.A.L. will be very effective in all kinds of attacks, even air attacks if used properly. The R.A.S.C.A.L. will not have a lot of health, only having the health of a barbarian, but it can help out with any army while still being balanced. Each level will make the R.A.S.C.A.L. speed troops up more and more, but will not affect it's low health. These troops will be "ground" troops, but they can go through walls to help troops in need at the other side of a wall.

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