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Thread: Maxing on the BB....

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    Maxing on the BB....

    So...Iíve been working on maxing some lower level games for content. Weíve always been clear that maxing can be difficult (at best) due to the challenges of meeting rushers with a lot more real estate on the ground, and that still holds true, but overall it hasnít been too bad.

    Iíve found itís not too hard to max BH1-5 and even BH7-8. But, man oh man, BH6?! That has been a real bear to max. Every match seems to be against a BH8 or BH9 (often BH9) and I am only at 2400-2500 cups.

    Itís interesting, the balance and competitive capabilities of each BH level. Each level of BH is able to compete against its own as well as early versions of the +1 level, and can even hold ok against +2 levels. The offensive capabilities are what enable this to happen. Thereís at least one troop at each level that can manage stronger opponents (within the right-fit trophy range, of course). So far, Iím just not finding that to be the case at BH6.

    I dunno...just an interesting observation on a Friday morn....
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    Ugh. I don't want to do something like that all over again. It pains me even just remembering those days.

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    I was maxing BH6 for a year and a half. I lost interest in the game while maxing my walls since I would lose a lot of matches and my clock tower would run out. I only became interested again after they removed troop training time so I can effectively get rewards.

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    i personally like 5 the best for this reason. any game on my minis that I've pushed past 5 I've kept my trophies artificially low using a garbage base.

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    I rushed to builder hall 9 and started maxing but have lost interest in battle and upgrading from collectors resources

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