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Thread: Expansion permits perhaps?

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    Expansion permits perhaps?

    Well, it is better to find a solution for the people who have completed all the animals of the reserve. If there is a boat coming to them, we may give them an expansion permit once a week or a month. I know and support that the expansion permit is the most difficult thing in the game, but we have to give them something instead of a piece of the puzzle because they do not need anything Another I do not see a lot from the derbies of the derby Why I miss the fence derby and the town derby Even though I did not play it at this time we need something special Ramadan wonderful decorations I suggested that there be shows every Thursday or every week that include old decor to buy for real money

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    I totally like this suggestion! I have collected all the puzzle pieces needed for the sanctuary animals and I have nothing to look forward to when when there is a puzzle boat event. It's a fine and fair idea to include scrolls or blue prints for players like me ��

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    Like this idea!

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