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Thread: "EGGS, ETC." PV08G8LR Wanted! Active farmers! Derby! Cooperation!

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    Red face "EGGS, ETC." PV08G8LR Wanted! Active farmers! Derby! Cooperation!

    Welcome friends!

    This is a new neighborhood, formed because too many other neighborhoods seem to be full of players who take help but give none in return. If you want to be part of a neighborhood that's genuinely cooperative and active in the derby, we welcome you!!

    A few notes:

    - No derby trophies as of right now, more members will change this!
    - Currently set to allow anyone over level 18 to join, could possibly be changed to be by request or invitation only in the future.
    - Primary language is English but others who are willing to translate if necessary are still welcome
    - Expectations: As a member you can expect to get help when you need it. That being said, we also expect our members to give help as often as they can.
    - Neighborhood requests: We fill each others requests, but no one likes players who overuse the neighborhood requests to get rare tools and upgrade items!

    Hope to see you soon!!

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    you're welcome to join us if you like. We are friendly and helpful serious derby players. 😀 Hollow Grove #LU8LCR8G

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