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Thread: Best use of League Medal Guide?

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    Best use of League Medal Guide?

    Where can i find , updated and in-dept guide to best use of league medals?

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    I'm not sure there is a guide and the best use will always be subjective and may change over time based on your TH level and play style.

    For people who don't raid much resources are a good option.
    For lower levels who raid a lot training potions might be best.
    For those who can get multiple heros down at a time, builder potions can be extremely useful.
    Hammers of Fighting or Spells can knock off 2 weeks lab time and be a great use, especially if you just hit a new TH level and need to upgrade farm or war troops.
    Hammer of building uses for me included new TH release, workshops, barrack, spell factories - that is building that reduced my in game enjoyment when they were upgrading
    Hammer of Heroes thous was by far my most used hammer simply because I don't like being with out a hero for 7 or 8 days at a time.
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    Best use is by far statues

    Or, in case you think I'm trolling, you could go with Klavious advice.

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    When i moved my TH12 account to 13 (maxed defensively except walls, a few troops in lab and king was still 59) i had 1K or so hammers in the bank, and i used them so far on

    siege barracks
    all 3 infernos
    level 2 of both scattershots
    1 level of bowlers to max
    next hammer takes my TH to level 5

    And i've bought elixir once or twice in order to bump warden up another level when i had a book of heroes to burn. I do buy them in the shop of 500 gems when i can.

    Basically i look at hammers at what is most convenient to me in the moment.

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