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Thread: Hayday limit ÷nerisi

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    hay day limit problem

    First of all hello dear Supercell team. I would like to inform you that your game is very nice. Almost all my days are spent in this game during these quarantine days. The game is very addictive, but there are some problems you need to fix. For example, folder warehouse materials do not come equally, some accounts have too much tape and bolts, but planks are too low. Another problem is that the limit you put on expansion materials is very annoying. I propose that this limit be 150, not 80. And I would like this limit to be removed. And this is another suggestion that you will be given daily tasks on the normal farm. For example, when you stack 150 milk, you get 3 diamonds or 5000 gold. And most of all, finding the permission to expand can be made a little easier or added to mysterious boxes as before. Make sure that if you do this, your vote will get more attention.
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    I agree too and it seems like what I need most always appear when I am above the limit and never before. I also wonder if the game is somehow rigged... like almost every time... I need land deeds... it's land deeds that get sold before I can see it... then when I need hammers it's hammers getting sold before I can see it... then I run of of tomatoes it's tomatoes that are not available on the market... then when it's lettuce or peppers it does the same thing and they are only available when I have 140 of them or something. I really wonder how this game is really set up.

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