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Thread: Legends base design

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    Legends base design

    At what lvl in legends do you need to design your own base?

    Once I hit around 5500 my base seems to get smashed. 3 stared 3 out of 4 attacks today. My base is the itzu base that he gave at the end of last season... holds up well until about 5300 then the 3 stars start coming. I hit 5500 yesterday and getting smashed today.

    Are there any bases that hold up above 5500 or is it the quality of attacks just that much better? Would my own design help?

    The inferno nerf in today's update is not helping either...

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    Never been that high myself, but as I understand it, the quality of attacks do go up.
    Using bases that Itzu, or any other clash youtuber, uses is generally a bad idea as people will quickly figure out how to smash them.
    Better to design your own bases every few days to every week-ish.
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    Itzu bases are way too popular.
    When itzu post a base, the first thing I do is copy it and learn to beat it in FC.(I have multiple max 13s to fc myself)

    If you don't have any experience with base building,you won't be able to build a good base right off the bat.
    You can copy bases from other youtubers like Sir Moose but it may not help above 5500.

    You need to have multiple good bases when pushing above 5500.

    Many pushers in my clan pay money to pro base builders to get their legends base built.
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    I normally sit around 5500-5600 in legends and do fine with this modified common base:

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheJMan64 View Post
    I normally sit around 5500-5600 in legends and do fine with this modified common base:
    Would be better if you posted a picture of the base as well.

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