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Thread: Remaining stuff pop up IDEA

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    Remaining stuff pop up IDEA

    Hi ! Hay Day team, I'v been a farmer in Hay Day for many years. I just think that there is a lil problem during cooking in the farm. I would like to offer the idea about showing the remaining stuff (food) when we are choosing the foods to cook because I always forget the amount I have in the barn. I have to come out from the cooking machine and be back to check the remaining amount from the barn which waste the time and you know we have to scroll down looking for the right food. It could be great if it shows the remaining amount together with the popup of food picture so that we can decide what foods we have to prepare or what to be spared.

    Thank you for your consideration.
    Hope everyone is safe.


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    On each of your production machines when you click on an item it will show you in the right corner how many you have in stock. You just need to keep your hand steady so you don't accidentally start production on the items.
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