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Thread: Neighborhood chat translation

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    Neighborhood chat translation

    We communicate in English in the neighborhood. However, we have few (active) members with poor English but still would like to try their best to communicate using Google translate. This is slowing down the communication. Hope one day Hay Day would consider to add translate feature on the neighborhood chat room.

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    The language barrier is an issue. However any translating program would add to the size of the program. Some people already have issues with their devices not being able to handle Hay Day as it is. Plus... lets face it some people are not the greatest spellers and they use a lot of slang and local dialect that might not translate well anyway.
    Communication is so important when you join neighborhoods because you go from being a solo player to a part of a team. We owe it to each other to know our limits. It might mean taking more time to get messages back and forth or it could mean joining a team where the leaders speak the same language as you.
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