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Thread: Best Queen Walk Army Composition?

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    Best Queen Walk Army Composition?

    Im a fairly new TH10 and I am trying to figure out new attack strategies that come with being at TH10. I have heard that queen walk is pretty good so I have looked it up some. My problem though is I keep seeing different army compositions and Im not sure which is best to use.

    Do you guys have any recommendations on what army composition to use for queen walk? Id appreciate it if you would list the number of each troop that you use so that way I can go into Clash of Clans and make an army easily.
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    If youre talking about war, there is no single army that will triple every base at th10. Queen Charge miners is a good strat, look it up on YouTube. Keep in mind your queen should be at least level 30, the higher the better

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zera041 View Post
    Keep in mind your queen should be at least level 30, the higher the better
    Man sometimes a level 40 queen is not enough to go really well although you are supporting her with 5 healers . You still need that rage spell dropped twice just to keep her alive .
    So you got my appreciation . Its true that the queen needs to be level 30 or higher .

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    While it depends on the base layout, a general army I would recommend is queen walk, 2 pekka, some valks, a witch or two, and some hogs to the back of the base. And bowlers in cc. Use qw, and king with a pekka to funnel, and then send the valks and bowlers to the middle.
    But again there will be trouble if you cant draw the cc before the valks go in. In that case I would use more witches.

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    There isn't really a single queen walk strategy I'm aware of. When I (also TH10) am doing a queen walk, it's usually to set up some kind of funnel for following troops or to take out a specific problematic defence in advance of the rest of the army.

    Example, since you asked for specifics: five healers, 6 wizards, seven wallbreakers, 22 miners. For a classic kind of square base I'll run the AQ down one side to clean up outer buildings, and then use the wallbreakers to give her a path in and try and clean out a large part of one quadrant. BK backed up by wizards usually go to the far side to narrow the path even further; it's *all* about setting up a path for the miners. Once I have a shape I like I cut loose with the miners, who (between the BK on one side and the AQ on the other) have a pretty clear place to go, usually involving getting to the TH and DE storage in good time. Spells are 3xrage, 2xheal, 1xfreeze, and I often need one rage to keep the AQ in good shape; the rest are for miner mayhem. Ideally I can get the miners and queen to converge in the middle under the same rage spell. (When miner attacks go well they are fantastic, and when they go badly they are so very very bad.

    Another example (so versatile, this queen; this is my standard DE farming army when I have the AQ available): 9xdragon, 4xhealer, 4xarcher. Again, the queen cleans out the outer buildings and then an arc of dragons pretty reliably destroys the center. 4xlightning takes out two air defenses, one rage for doing the core, one freeze for single-point infernos, badly placed blowers, or whatever else is being annoying.

    I have experimented with an attack that's almost completely queen-walk; eight(!) healers and some dragons, and it's kind of fun to look at a given base and figure out how to make it work, but it's kind of slow and loot is limited.

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    I feel the QW is at it's best when, it is able to take out about 1/4 of the defences on it's own, with use of rage spells! QW is not worthwhile without using rage along with it.

    Ideally a few wallbreakers should help the queen join the main group of troops so that the queen too benifits from the spells that go with the bulk attack.

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