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    Quote Originally Posted by joshsgrandad View Post
    But as 2222 says, there is more to it than whom has top end advantage..
    if that advantage means they cant handle the middle order, then whom has the real advantage?..

    If Sam happens along, then he can give you heads up on how a roster can be invincible, even when facing disparity at the top..
    And the bigger the war size, the less important the top end is, if the roster is constructed with this in mind.
    I think OP clan is OK, since they win much more then they lose lately, but as I post in this thread

    TH12s on top will face more disadvantage, so the option for OP is continue war like now while growing the heroes.

    Or rush 1 or 2 to th13, get RC and Scattershot, then u will be at equal footing or slight advantage most of the time.

    I believe currently war without th13 is a big disadvantage, or u can choose omit th12, and war with TH11 and lower.

    And bigger war is better, 30 and 40v is less competitive also, but 50v is totally different beast

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    Only 11 in a row. Disgraceful. When will SC realize that we want a system where everyone wins all the time and nobody ever loses.
    I truly believe the recruitment tool will improve over time. Please read my posts on this topic not as complaints, but as a polite request for improvement. Often I include a suggestion, or an observation of an existing function that could improve the tool.
    Before we throw the baby out with the bath, I would like to remind you that recruiting in global was no picnic either. Mostly hoppers, very few serious players.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PapaTroll View Post
    Only 11 in a row. Disgraceful. When will SC realize that we want a system where everyone wins all the time and nobody ever loses.
    What about if you have 3 clans that never lose? Does that count?

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    Posted this on the sticky thread too:

    Quote Originally Posted by HERRERAKEVIN View Post
    Clan ID: #8PU829JQ
    Quote Originally Posted by HERRERAKEVIN View Post
    Clan name: Konoha Akatsuki , it’s level 12.
    Date war started : 05/20/2020 around 12:30 Am EST
    Date war end: 05/21/2020.

    What can you say about that?
    From 1-7 we’re all th12, none of us is maxed out, from 1-8 they are , 4 th13, (one of them maxed out on everything, the other 3 almost maxed out) 4 th12.

    Quote Originally Posted by HERRERAKEVIN View Post
    The 1-4 are th13 maxed out, 5-8 are th12 ( two of them are maxed out). That’s enough advantage to win a war. It’s a 25 vs 25. Just with those 8 accounts you can easily 3 star from 1-16.
    Quote Originally Posted by HERRERAKEVIN View Post
    Their th13 aren’t sitting below th12s. The number 1 has everything maxed out. Number 2, only heroes aren’t maxed out. 3-4 are half way to be maxed out. Th12s are maxed out, except for one of them, base number 8.

    Quote Originally Posted by HERRERAKEVIN View Post
    The whole roster is;
    Quote Originally Posted by HERRERAKEVIN View Post
    Our clan
    1-Th12. 2- th12. 3-th12. 4-th12. 5-th12. 6-th12.
    7-th12. 8-th11. 9-th11. 10-th11. 11-th11. 12-th11.
    13-th10. 14-th10. 15-th9. 16-th9. 17-th9. 18-th9.
    19-th8. 20-th8. 21-th8. 22-th8. 23-th7. 24-th6.

    Enemy clan
    1-th13. 2-th13. 3-th13. 4-th13. 5-th12. 6-th12.
    7-th12. 8-th12. 9-th11. 10-th11. 11-th11.
    12-th11. 13-th10. 14-th19. 15-th9. 16-th9.
    17-th8. 18-th8.19-th8. 20-th8. 21-th8. 22-th7. 23-th7. 24-th6. 25-th5.

    What else you want me to tell you? Their troops , heroes and defense level? Most of them are maxed out! 80%. It’s really disappointing.

    I had a chance to look at this war match now. It does indeed look like a bad match. It is NOT as bad as suggested because 3 of the 4 th13s on the enemy clan are not maxed out like stated. They aren't really close to max. The first th13 is close to max. There could be a few explanations. OPs clan won 11 or so in a row. Recent war performance counts. OPs clan has strong th12s and the matchmaker treats newer th13s similar to strong th12s. Some even say it is much better in war now to have a new th13 than a strong th12. OPs clan included filler th6s at the bottom. My own clan has noticed uneven matches when doing so (it used to always create an advantage, now it is just as likely to create a disadvantage) so we stopped doing that.

    In the end, I agree it was a bad match. Your description of it (enemy having 4 max th13s) seemed unbelievable and it turns out the enemy clan did not have any max th13s. They did have one pretty close to max th13. Putting that aside, though, it still was a terrible match.

    Contact SC here. Click here for how trophies are calculated. How is war map placement of max halls determined?, see answer here. Thank you SC for the new legends! However, how to fight collusion here.

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