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Thread: Join the Quarantined Neighborhood! (#YQPVPOC9 )

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    Cool Join the Quarantined Neighborhood! (#YQPVPOC9 )

    Hey guys! I made a new neighborhood called “Quarantined”. Join us as we compete in derby’s, trade, and farm...quarantine style 😎
    Jokes aside, quarantine has been tough for all of us. Make it easier for yourself and join the Quarantined Neighborhood to connect with people (yes, real people! ...kind of)
    • Everyone must compete in derby’s (exceptions may be allowed)
    • Level 12+
    • Everyone must donate/trade
    • And of course, be active!

    I’ll be honest here, this is a very new neighborhood...hence there aren’t many members. Yet. Help us flourish, join our crew 💪
    Type the code: #YQPVPOC9 or search our name!

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    Bump! We are currently in the top 3 of our derby 💪
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    Another bump!! Also if you have any questions, leave them below because this is where I’ll be checking for them.

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