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    Lightbulb Core Mode

    The Core mode is an idea for an alternate mode in the Builder Base that is unlocked somewhere around BH6. In the mode, players will be given a 2 by 2 electric-contraption-themed building known as the core (it's a generic name for now). The core generates shield that makes it invulnerable and boosts the health of nearby buildings by a small amount. The shield can be destroyed only by the Battle Machine while Electric Hammer is active, and the ability will be tweaked so it is able to use it every 4.67 seconds for one charged hammer and heals 1/3 of the normal healing. The BM could preferentially target the core if funneling proves to be too hard, or it could just target anything to make funneling more challenging. The goal of the mode is to destroy the core in the least time possible.

    Core Mode could be toggled on or off through a switch or something and maybe have the setting be dawn to make it look different. There would also be two sets of bases, similar to how the Home Village has the normal and war bases, that players can build for Core mode and Versus mode. In Versus mode, the Core building just acts as a normal building.

    Matchmaking would be based on the same trophy system and wins/losses would give the same amount of trophies. Players could get loot from this mode and versus mode at the same time, giving active players more loot. Perhaps loot should be awarded based on how many cores are destroyed.
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    So how's it different from normal attacking other than having a new building? IMO, a new gameplay mode should add something that's new and refreshing.
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    The mode is more focused on one building and has a greater emphasis on funneling, but it's not like a lot different from versus mode. Now that I think about it, it's actually kinda similar to how attacking on Boom Beach works, except there are walls and no flares (which basically gets rid of the funneling in that game).
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    Super village mode for builder base might be core mode.Super village mode won a forum contest few weeks ago.
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