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    Meaning of the icons

    1) Each forum line is preceded by an icon.
    can I find a list what their meaning is?

    2) Some forum lines container an icon (with the text SuperCell) at the end.
    What does it mean?
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    ad1) I am not sure I understand that question
    do you mean the icons next to thread titles, such as envelopes?

    A small green dot with an arrow in it pointing left (at the bottom right hand corner of the envelope) is a sign, that you have posted in that thread, clicking it will get you to that post, or your first post, if you have more than one in the thread.
    Similar clicking the supercell icon (right hand end) will get you to the first post in that thread from a moderator or supercell staff member, in the post you can see a little figure with a green arrow superimposed (top right) clicking that will get you to the next post of a mod or staffer. If there is no such icon, you’re at the last or only such post.
    A post-it icon means that thread is stickied.
    Thread closed and thread moved are pretty self explanatory.
    The envolpe can be in on a red/orang or blue/grey background! I am not sure what it means, but suspect that it goes from grey/blue to red/orange once a mod or sc-staffer has viewed the thread.
    There‘s an icon that shows the thread contains a poll....three horizontal bars of different length and colour.
    There‘s an „important“ icon....a red dot containing an exclamation mark.
    There‘s a blue dot containing two white triangles pointing down, clicking it will take you to the last post in that thread.

    ad2) It means a mod, or SC Personel has posted in that thread

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    vBulletin (the forum software) assigns them and they're mostly meaningless. However, if there's a green arrow overlaid on the bottom right corner, it means that you've posted in that thread. If it has a yellow bar and yellow arrow, it had been moved to a different sub-forum. And the Supercell logo that appears on the right of a thread title means that a moderator or forum staff has posted in the thread. Clicking on the Supercell logo will take you right to the first post from a moderator/staff member. On each moderator/staff member's post within the thread, there's a little person icon shown next to the post count within the thread. If there's an arrow on it, click on that little person will take you to the next moderator/staff member's post. Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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    Both, thanks for the explanation.
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