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Thread: Troops upgrade priority

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    Troops upgrade priority

    It would be great help if all of you can tell me that which elixir and dark troops you upgraded first when you were at TH9? I just entered in TH9 and 1st troop I upgraded was Wiz and then loon and then minion. Please let me know what was your priority when you were at TH9.

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    It was a long time ago so may not be relevant today. But Loons and Hogs were my first 2 upgrades for War.
    valks go a big boost when I was early 9 and I hastily finished the upgrade. Those crazy red heads let you attack 10s which back 8n the day was top dog.
    Pekka was largely useless back then but has since become very important.
    Golems were the tanks back in the day, but not sure if they are still big in the Th9 war scene.
    Goblins got a big Hp boost making them survive splash and Goblin Knife was a great DE farm start, I don’t if 5hats still viable.
    Hound was an import upgrade fro LaLo

    pretty sure those were my first upgrades back then.
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    I did Loons and Giants cause at that time they got the biggest "Buff Value" as far as going from L5 to L6 increase wise.

    I was a heavy Archer and Loonion farmer in my TH9 stretch. So I would Garch/GAG (Giant and Archer or Giant Archer Gob) or Loonion.
    I would take between 8-16 Giants and clear everythng else with the Archers. (With that said, I also did Archers and Barbs to buff my Royals special abilities)

    I used Kimchi Love's mix for Loonion 24 Loons and 50 Minion 2Heal 2 Rage 1 poison (then I changed spell comp once Bats spell was released, so I drop a heal and add two freeze (recently buffed at TH9 to L2..) then req a Bat instead of max Freeze. This Loonion mix does not require Royals, so it was very flixible and way more reliable than Barch/Gob/BAM or other 'collector' armies. So maintaining trophies is at least a reality, can even push with Loonion (even with not Royals available!)

    Then I moved on to the dark troops, Witch and Hog and then Lava Hound and Golem/Valk.

    I was a bit more war oriented back then so that was my dark troop elixir outlet early on, plus I just have always loved Hogs and Witches.

    Let your guide be your troops you like to farm with and the best options for war (Witches and Hogs for me, as well as Lava back then)

    Remember to pump those Royals full of dark elixir as a primary focus and the rest will work itself out. So many more helpful hammers potions and books now!

    Good Luck!

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