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Thread: Level 37 Active and homeless!

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    Level 37 Active and homeless!

    Please, won't you let me in? I will do chores and everything!

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    VGK community we would love to have you!!!

    Hello my farm name PAPABEARS farm. Our NH tag is#YL92PPGG We are Derby Driven 320 and up. As long as it's not under 300. we are are very helpful NH who likes to win and have fun. We all want the same and will help other neighbors finish task in Derby.

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    hey bud, if you feel like we sound like you, join uss

    {neighborhood seeking farmers] (still looking 14 may) ONE SPOT LEFT 12 H TILL NEXT DERBY (champions league)

    Chill NH with active players that help each other out looking for other similar people minimum lvl 35 --> preferably lvl 35-56 -> active players active trading active derbys

    Since lockdown i started playing a lot with my gf and we started a NH, we are very active and i found a lot of super active players to play with we are currently 29 members strong already.

    Are you also super active during this Quarantine? also super active? join us and we can help each other with trading and derbys! and have some fun.

    (no big derby pressure but nice if you do as much as possible) chilled nh

    add me and join our neighbourhood! PC29PYJ98

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