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Thread: Burnt base

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    at your base.
    Matching rate is very low

    Out of 30 base layouts from youtube videos, it matched only 3

    Not worth to buy subscription
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    Just watch itzu’s channel, he’s probably tripled any base you want to attack.
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    Try searching Youtube in different ways. Depending on your TH level, you can find Most bases.

    E.g. I found heaps of TH8 and TH9 bases on the old UCLA affiliates channel "3 stars clan wars". But I had to scroll through the play lists and do a lot of leg work. The old Gadhi hh channel and website had a section called Base Beat. I also used to scour Reddit where people asked for beating certain bases.

    When searching you tube, also change the timeframe you are searching for - eg, last 30 days, this week, etc.

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