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Thread: New Clan members issue

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    New Clan members issue

    Hi everyone,

    First time on the forums, seems like a great place!

    I am an Elder on in a clan and recently we kicked a lot of inactive accounts as we were having something ridiculous like 12 out of 50 members participating in wars and leagues.

    Recently we have had a huge influx of people joining, asking for donations and then leaving once they have received donations. About 73 new members have joined, asked for donations then left.

    This is upsetting a lot of other members and I'm looking for some advice as to how to deal with this. Do we switch to invite only perhaps? As we have increased the required amount of trophies but it still hasn't curbed the issue.

    Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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    If your clan is set to "Anyone Can Join" then I'd suggest you switch to "Invite Only." That'll cut down those who're only asking for donations but that may not stop them.

    Another way to curb that is to have them donate before asking for any troops. Use the new donation tool so that they don't donate trash troops (I.E. Goblins).

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    Update ur clan settings

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    As above. If you set to “Anyone can Join” you’ll get a High Percentage of Moochers

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    For OP, in my opinion it's not such a bad thing, I use to do this when I was in a clan where max player was th10, we would regularly jump to get high level donations.

    These days, in our clan we have "regulars", they come usually once a day, take donations and go back to their clans. I don't mind such a behavior as this is part of the game.

    Be generous and donate to whoever shows up looking for troops.

    As for keeping clan setting to invite only, if you are a low level clan, you will miss out on members because of this setting.

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