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Thread: 50 vs 50

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    50 vs 50

    we started clan war search for 50 vs 50, it is taking time as expected I wonder, if any clan does 50 vs 50 this days!

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    Not much any more. We do 40v occasionally if enough have heroes up.
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    We used to do 50v all TH13 with hero down allowed in a mini clan when TH13 first came out and we used to get matched within 5-10 mins.Sometimes it was almost instant.

    Recently,I took part in a 50v all th13 war as well, and search didn't take too long.(hardly 5mins)

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    If u run all th13 it is ok, but mixed th roster, dont do 50v, 40v is way bigger pool, and in 50v the war tend to be favored to all th13s
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    They do but it’s difficult to have All 50 Active at the same time. We struggled & gave up but others have been more successful

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