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    I call my hero...Fred the fallen skeleton for the builder base.

    he comes from a drop ship, a massive Skelton that Was so huge his foot got tangled in the rope on the way down and hes pulling it along the ground with his hands. Special ability is a mass of skeletons unleashed

    its an interesting mechanic that hes both an air troop and a ground troop. If hes destroyed the drop ship continues like normal, if the drop ship is destroyed he would continue like normal as a melee ground troop

    where can I pick up my 500 gems hehehe

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    Stay Safe not from COVID-19 but from this Clever Goblin

    Origin :- All goblins were being hit up by defenses in just 5 shots. They, finally, took a initiative and they visited the grand warden and then the grand warden helped them and transformed many goblins into one Huge Clever Goblin.

    Stats :- Clever Goblin bears two swords in each hand. He uses them to attack enemy defenses.

    Ability :- When the ability of the Clever Goblin activates then gobs came out from the swords and attacks the targets that contains resources. (Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir)

    Defense :- Attacks with his swords. No one is safe from this Clever Goblin.

    Favorite targets :- As for the Clever Goblin = Enemy Defenses. And the favorite targets of the goblins (born from the sword) are resource buildings.

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    Juicy Lucy: Lava Hound based, yet supports all troops.

    Backstory: Being a good mom, one day a Lava Hound was tending to her pups. When she went to feed the last one, Lucy, the bottle of molten lava was empty. In despiration, she looked for anything to feed Lucy. All she could find was some Elixir and some spiders hiding in the pantry. So she thought maybe if she mixed the E and spiders in a blender, it would be like strawberry milk to her? Rather than having her child starve, she blended it up, fed it to her in the bottle. From that day forward, Lucy would only feed on E, and raw spiders, filling her belly. There, the Elixir, spider silk, and stomach acid merge to form a highly acidic pink webbing material. Lucy grew up to be the biggest, baddest, meanest Hound ever! While the cocktail mixture made her immortal (only needs sleep to heal), it also left her sterile so she can never spawn pups herself.

    Lucy always has her belly full of E and spiders. When her ability is invoked, she empties her belly spraying a pink web of E! Her E web sprays on a 45 degree angle (like an Air Sweeper) for a long range (about 15 tile range) covering everything within it's cone. As long as the web last, the acidity does continual damage over time (like a poison spell). The web last for a set time (10 seconds as example). Upgrading Lucy's ability (every 5th level like all heroes) increases the damage done by the web. So then "how does it relate to the Hero and Troop it's based on"? Hounds spit balls. For a spitting stream, once the particles shot become smaller, and the firing rate increases, it then becomes a continuous stream.

    Now for the kicker... If that webbing lands on any hidden traps, it activates them. Fear traps are awaiting you? Use that one time ability to clear some out ahead. Since the webbing projects out as a cone. or triangle shape, will not expose traps to her immediate right or lelt. But further distance from her, more the webbing fans out.

    Appearance: (Sorry, am not an artist by any means): A big, fat Hound with some spider traits (how she can spew webs). 8 long legs instead of 4 short. Pinchers with mouth. Since she has E in her, as opposed to lava, she lacks any golden markings, she is black but has a pink hourglass marking, like that of a Black Widow Spider.

    How Lucy attacks: Unlike Lava Hounds whom spit lava balls, she spits Elixir balls. Unlike hounds, she will target any and all anti-air (Archer Towers, Wizard Towers) within her range. She will not seek out any target beyond her range. When there are no air defense within range, she will attack ground defenses. She will only target non-defensive structures when no defenses are left on the entire base (like Loons do).

    So you may ask "Is she useful for ground attacks?". Absolutely yes. She is not a pure Lava Hound. After all anti-air (AD, Inferno, XBows if they are set to air & ground, Archer Towers, etc.) are gone within her range, she will switch to ground only defenses (cannons, mortars, XBows set to ground only). She will only move on after all defenses within her range are destroyed. Then there is that web ability, which covers and reduces health of every single stucture under the webbing and detonates traps. One of many use cases example: Send her in with a QW. Since she flies like hounds, let her take the air bomb hits rather than the Healers as she targets the anti-air to further protect the Healers.

    The Queen and King were born out of Elixir troops consuming DE. So it follows the a DE troop hero, like Juicy Lucy, arose from E based cocktail consumption, and it cost Elixir to upgrade her.

    Bonus graphics ...As a flying hero, Lucy hovers above her throne while idle. At random intervals, a spider appears crossing her throne, which she swoops down to eat.
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    Freezy valk
    Origin story:
    Wizard in order to create base defender which has unique ability combines valk with ice golem
    As a result valk gets Armour made out ice golem and icy axe .

    Instead of spining around building she throws axe between 2 building (flash damage)

    When activating her ability
    She spins and while spinning release ice wind slowing defense and throw her axe straight up to 6 tiles crushing every thing in way
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    In terms of heroes, we already have a tank (king), ranged attacker (queen), support/healer (warden) and a defence destroyer (champ). So with that in mind allow me to introduce the Barron Bomber.

    Bombs away! The Baron has never been able to shake his love of blowing up walls. This shunned balloon skeleton is a hero to wall breakers. He flys over villages launches bombs at helpless walls below.

    The Barron bomber flies directly towards the Town Hall destroying walls along the way. His hatred for balloons means his bombs do not damage other buildings. Upon reaching the enemy Town Hall he will continue flying in a straight line until he either gets destroyed or flies off the map and lives happily forever after.

    Activate the Baron's special Bombs away ability to fire 8 bombs 6 tiles away in a circle around the Baron. These bombs do a small amount of splash damage to buildings but have a x50 damage multiplier to walls.

    The Barron graduated top of his class from the balloon academy. He had many successful years of dropping bombs on defences from the skies but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't forget his one true love; blowing up walls. The Baron rebelled against his standard balloon duties and focused on bombing walls. His made him a hero to wall breakers young and old.

    The Baron Bomber sits on top of a modified Battle Blimp. The Blimp has seen many battles and thus is patched together with pieces of regular balloons (the troop). The droppers on the side are turned upside down so he can pick the bombs from them before throwing them. The Barron Blimp plays rock music for the Baron to rock out to - perhaps with the head banging animation the Party Warden has.

    He is designed like a regular wall breaker but has two major differences:
    - he wears a Bandana made from the last balloon he flew as a balloon skeleton.
    - he wears sunglasses.

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    Goblin Prince

    Passive ability-Targets resource buildings, drains them with one touch.

    Triggered ability-Recovers health, instantly drains closest three resource buildings.

    Origin story-Goblins from original village got tired of chiefs walking all over them, called in their cousin to teach them a lesson.

    Art-Think of goblin king from original opening sequence at beginning of game first day.

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    The Imperial Golem

    During a Golem’s stroll from the barracks to the camp, it accidentally collided with the spell factory which was creating Earthquake spells. The essence of the spells dissolved into every crack of the golems rock hard exterior and somehow bonded with the beast. The dark Elixir used to create the golem reacted with the dark Elixir in the EQ spell to create the Imperial Golem.

    Twice as slow, but twice as strong - the imperial Golem acts as the most supreme tank for any army. With a reoccurring ability (identical to the Builder Base Hero) - The imperial Golem can generate an earthquake stomp which damages surrounding buildings inside a small radius. The longer he survives, the more EQ stomps he can generate.

    Being larger than the regular Golem, he also carries with him FIVE Golemites upon destruction.
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    O.T.T.O Runner

    O.T.T.O Runner - New hero of builder base
    Ability - Thunderer - reusable ability , gives small electric jolts to nearby buildings damaging them
    Origin - After Master Builder left builder base O.T.T.O was bored working and working alone So he created his brand new machine O.T.T.O Runner to enjoy the attacks

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    The Mage Prince (Main Village Hero)

    The Mage Prince is a young wizard (the youngest son of the Grand Warden). Since very early age the Mage Wizard was trained to become the greatest wizard of all and the Grand Warden had huge plans for his youngest son. However, the Mage Prince had something else in mind - he dreamed of becoming a warrior, he wanted to fight the enemy troops on the first line of attack. This is why he always used his free time (when not being trained for a wizard) to secretly obverse how the barbarians train and prepare for battles. So, when he was 18 years old the Mage Prince escaped and went on a quest far away with the intention to become a warrior. After several years of training with the mightiest barbarians in the world the Mage Prince returned to his home village and took his place next to his father.

    The Mage Prince is a hero who can be used on both - ground and air. He carries a wand in one hand and a sword in the other. When set on ground he fights with the sword and when on air he shoots with the wand. He is a master of both.

    The preferred target of the Mage Prince are enemy troops. He has a range like the Grand Warden and if enemy heroes or cc troops are in that range the Mage Prince targets them because of his dream to be a warrior and fight the enemies. If no enemy troops or heroes are in his range he is targeting the closest building.

    The ability of the Mage Prince will be a defensive shield within his range for him and all own troops within his range but protecting only from enemy heroes and cc troops. His hitpoints do not change but for the duration of his ability his dps increases (depending on the levels the increase is different).

    I hope you will like the idea
    Clash On

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    1) Hero from existing troop
    Golem Prime, priority target are defenses, move faster than regular golems.

    2) Hero's activate ability, related to the troop
    Upon ability activation, regen some HP like other heroes. during the ability's period, reduce damage taken while deflecting damage to nearby structures based on damage taken (shattering its rocks around, like golems do upon death).

    3) Bonus point for Hero's origin
    Golem Prime is selfless, martyr-spirited. He isn't willing to see his comrades getting hurt. Hence, he began his hellish training, tends to be tougher and tougher. so, his comrades won't get hurt, he will take their place instead!

    *Golem Prime is a Golemite, not a Golem. ('cause a "better golem" will be better than regular golems. A hero that's stronger than regular golems may be too much. But, a "better golemite" can be just as good as regular golems. also serve a purpose as a plot-twist!)
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