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    Forum Friday Fun #7 - Design a new Hero for Clash of Clans

    Hey happy Friday Forumers,

    Yep, it's that time of week for the next Forum contest. This one will be a little more fun and I'm very much looking forward to your ideas.

    This week, we want you to design a brand-new Hero for Clash. It can be for the Main Village or Builder Base; it's your decision. However there are a few rules you'll need to adhere to:
    • Your Hero suggestion must be an upgrade of an existing troop. As an example, the Barbarian King came about from a Barbarian drinking too much Dark Elixir. Similarly, your Hero must be based on an existing troop.
    • Your hero must have a triggered ability that you can activate. Try and think thematically what that ability would do and how does it relate to the Hero and Troop it's based on. For example, a Hero version of a Bowler wouldn't just spit a giant cone of fire. Try to find a justification for your Hero's ability.
    • Bonus points if you explain how your Hero came into existence. You don't need to write a novel about your Hero's origin story. Writing about how this Hero came to Clash of Clans isn't a requirement, but it does add a nice sense of completeness. Pro tip: Try to think of a unique origin. Instead of drinking Dark Elixir, a Hero version of a Lavahound could be from starving it of DE causing it to mutate or something. Think outside the box.
    • With any "create a new X" contest, art (no matter how good or bad) is always appreciated.

    The standard rules apply:

    1. ONE submission per person.
    2. This thread is for posting your entry. The discussion can happen in the voting thread.
    3. Submissions will close at end of day on Monday (Helsinki time).
    4. After the submissions close, we'll pick our 10 favorites.
    5. The top 10 will be placed into a poll for the community to vote on and the winning vote will get 500 Gems.
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    Destroyer mech (Builder base)

    Introducing the master builder's newest wrecking machine, the Destroyer Mech turns everything to rubble using the [Stomp] ability."

    ability: Stomp
    - when activated , the mech will leap next to its target , and deals high damage around him upon landing, also stunning them.
    - the mech needs to be close enough to do the leap so it cant jump from anywhere in the map. distance is the same as cannon cart's range.
    - damage and stun duration increases as the skill improves. max stun is 2 seconds.

    short story:

    Sneak , Rage , Bomb, Wallpunch. Long ago the four super abilities live together in harmony. But everything changed when they all got sent to the main base. Only the master builder, master of all builders can stop them. but when the builder base needed him most he got sent there as well.

    few updates passed my clanmates and I discovered a new builder, a robot named Otto and .... Oh look there's a new mech!!

    And thats how we get a new Builder base hero.
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    We have air and ground hero right.. now it's time for ground hero

    It skill is like Miner
    It Dps Is like queen but low in Hitpoint.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ninjalvl999 View Post
    your hero is supposed to be based on an existing troop
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    The Wall and Breaker Prince

    This hero is a real help for the troops, coming from a giant wallbreaker. If you attack with ground troops he breaks walls open.
    If you attack with air this wall hero helps the air squad with destroying the air targeting defences.

    This hero works like the Grand Warden to choose which troops he'll help and the Prince can also be set on ground or on air.


    When the ability is popped this hero gains HP and has a greater damage output for several seconds. This will progress kind of the same as the other heroes.


    This will be the first hero we'll upgrade with gold.
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    Here is my suggestion of a new hero.
    Introducing "Dragon Emperor" for main village.

    Origin: By the introduction of 4th ground hero(warden hasn't got wings&#128540, a frustrated dragon left home to find some piece. On his way to journey, he found out a mysterious cave with opening of a dragon head. He went in and found a secret potion. He thought about all the ignorance faced by him and decided to try that potion out. And rest is history. It was a moment when an Emperor was reborn.

    Stats: It will be an air hero with favourite target changeable to any or defences only. You can set/change just same as grand warden's air/ground support. This will provide a whole new hero experience.

    Ability: The secret potion which created an emperor has a soul of a leader who was in regret that he couldn't save his army on a last battle he fought. Hence by activating dragon emperor's ability, a fire spell will be dropped on all nearby building which will reduce their HPs by a significant amount to help his army march forward with ease.

    Defence: A splash damage by a fire exhaling dragon. God saves bats and goblins from this extensive splash damage.

    Hope you all like this one.
    Stay Safe.
    Clash On.
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    please read the instructions
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    Hog Rider Champion
    The Champion Hog Rider has returned from his adventures in far off lands to lead the troops into battle. Possessing expert knowledge of the battlefield, he joins the clash battlefield as a beacon for his fellow troops to rally to.

    Special activated ability: Hooooooog Riderrrrrrr warcry
    All troops within the Hog Rider Champion's circle of influence will rally to the Hero. Use this ability to avoid traps + projectiles!

    Can jump over walls.
    Slow movement speed
    High melee damage

    Favourite target:
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    The Big Yeti

    The Big Yeti is a veteran survivor of many battles and has grown much larger than all of the other yetis due to continued exposure to the dark elixir radiation of its war companions like the bowlers and witches. It is now thirsty for more dark elixir in the bid to grow an even bigger foot.

    The big yeti is a ranged tank hero that has a moderate movement speed and a large amount of HP. It only targets enemy defensive buildings and attacks by throwing a yetimite like a baseball. The thrown yetimite is only able to do a small amount of damage but will bounce to additional defensive buildings like the electro dragons.

    When the ability is activated, a swarm of yetimites comes out of the basket to revolve around and protect the Big Yeti from enemy damage. The Big Yeti will not take any damage until all of the yetimites are dead. Because he no longer has anymore yetimites to throw, the Big Yeti will switch to being a melee hero.

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    Napoleon bacon

    New hero - Napoleon bacon. Upgrade of the hog rider

    Passive ability - screams "napoleon bacon" in a high pitched voice that causes defensive archers' (on archer towers and in clan castle) eyeballs to explode so they shoot blindly and have a random chance of hitting their targets

    Triggered ability - the full boar demolition hammer that causes area damage, like an earthquake, to the nearest buildings and also includes breaking the nearest wall

    genesis - the hog rider had too many drinks at the SC 10th anniversary party, got talking to the boar from Hay Day (i hope there is a boar in Hay Day), Old Major, who told him about the seven commandments of animalism. When he woke up the next morning and shook off his hangover he misremembered the commandments as one "all animals are created equal, but some are more equal than others" and he thought that referred to him so he styled himself as the new Napoleon
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