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    Add Me

    Level 20 farmer | Quickly growing | Daily player | More than happy to help other farms
    GC: Fiddler3057 (same as forum username)
    Note: My name will show up as "Daniel" in-game since my account is permanently attached to my dad's Facebook account and will not unlink

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    Please add Me on GC!

    Looking for new friends who are active and like to sell items in store. I try to have items posted regularly and don't usually post ads. I am currently level 61 and play multiple times per day. Active players only please - I recently cleared out a ton of inactive players in GC! Thanks and happy farming!!

    GC ID: duckie0601


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    Trainee mdnShuttle's Avatar
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    Jan 2016
    Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia

    GC : mdnCHIPS

    Level 102 and still leveling. 24/7 hay day active!

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    Add my game centre

    always online
    add my game centre

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    Add me gc: rohaanee

    Hi everyone,

    please add me on hayday using my gc name: rohaanee

    have only been playing a few days but levelling up fast, have just reached level 17

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    Fresh Spawn
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    Apr 2016

    Add Me: jzimm926

    GC ID: jzimm926

    I play multiple times per day, I level up approx a level/day or two. I love to help out with boat orders!! I keep my store as active as possible, and sell things from my barn as opposed to the silo.

    Please mention Hay Day in your request

    GC ID: jzimm926

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    Add me: daily player great neighborhood, helpful player, good market supplies GC: Jnell23 and Doug22*

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    Apr 2016
    Not sure if this is the right place to post this if its not I apologise need friends on heyday please add my GC kajaro69 many this �� or on Facebook Trevor Pearce many thanks
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    Dec 2015
    Near your base
    Add me please. Active lvl 40 farmer need a lot of neighbor. thanks

    GC : nibir185
    Everyone has their own strategy

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    Add me as a friend! Farming addiction.
    GC: Tennesseefarmgirl
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