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    Add me please!!

    GC: annabanana7678

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    Need more Hay Day friends

    Daily player
    GC ID: crgarcia

    Please include Hay Day as optional message. No challenges - only requests, please. Thanks!

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    Add Me Hay Day please

    Hi all, level 33 player looking for new friends to add.

    add me GC ID: izzbizzfoss

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    Fresh Spawn
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    Jul 2014
    Daily, well almost hourly player

    GC: Michelbijou


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    Jul 2014


    Quote Originally Posted by glmzm View Post
    Hey guys, I found a way to boost Hay Day friends...

    1. Install Planet123
    2. Open Planet123, tap on friends icon
    3. Tap on Add Friends
    4. New GCIDs are provided. Enter message "Hay", and tap Send
    5. Repeat Step 4 (use clipboard if necessary)

    Your GCID is included in the list automatically, so it works like this forum thread but easier I know there are guests in this forum that just get our GCIDs but don't bother registering and posting theirs. So it's a win for all :P

    Reply here if it works. Worked for me, and Hay Day now is more fun!
    Thanks for the tip! It worked for me. Some invited already accepted and I am now receiving invites for "Hay" too


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    Cool Gc: Larpe83

    Add me,
    lvl 69, town lvl 12. Daily player

    Ps. Eritoten suomalaisia pelaajia kaipailisin...

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    Daily active player, pls add me GC:bobolwt1103

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    Forum Veteran MadeleineAkaino's Avatar
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    May 2014
    Tokyo, Japan
    GC ID: madeleine akaino

    I am currently level 50, with a town level 13. I play daily and try to keep my RSS updated. I help GC friends when I can, especially those who are giving and sharing and I am kind enough to grab wool or chilli popcorn from your RSS when I need them if you are a good friend lol :P

    Just one thing: Please, if i put premium goods in stacks of two or three on separate slots they are meant for the benefit of multiple friends and I get upset when a single person raids them, leaving no chance to others. Thank you. And if you offer no help but always, always have pizza, dairy and sugar crates flagged, I am very sorry to say I cannot offer any help..
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    Senior Member tvjunkie's Avatar
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    Dec 2012
    I am a very active player. Add me GC LeeJohnson_1959
    Farm Level 104 / Town Level 31
    Looking For A Good Neighborhood? Join Now! Search for Daily Farmers
    PM and ask to join

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    Add me!

    Gamecenter id: Ricky77567

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