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    Aug 2016
    Im level 50 active/addicted player- several times a day.
    GC ID: xLyzzieGx
    We're an Expert Derby neighborhood of about 15 if you're looking for that too. Cats rule dogs drool!!
    We are serious derby players and have a great team if you want to join.

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    Sep 2016
    add me plase My gc Id: exkenan
    Last edited by Exkenan; September 15th, 2016 at 07:54 AM.

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    Add me, daily player lvl 50
    GC id : teeni666

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    Quote Originally Posted by Connemara View Post
    I sent one to you too! Here's hoping it will work.
    Haven't received any request yet... lol

    Good bye GC... Good Bye to adding new friends

    Level 104 ,Town 34
    Achievement 130/132
    Farm ID- RJGL29CJ
    kik: lajja14

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    Add me!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Boscoe View Post
    FYI! NO new GC friends. Gamecenter app is being discontinued.
    no one can add any new friends anymore
    Stop asking for friend request through gamecenter. Only Facebook is viable and working.
    GC SavageLily! ​Level 150
    KIK: savagelilyrose

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    Goodbye thread, you served us well through the years.

    Thank you! ClashOfHolmes for an awesome sig!

    Just call me K, my name is too difficult to spell.
    Hay Day | Level: 120 | # VL8GVUL | Main Hay Day Topics | Forum Rules | HD Wiki
    Clash of Clans | Level: lost count at 200 | #Y0VJUJG

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