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Thread: Booster Help for Hay Day Wiki

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    Booster Help for Hay Day Wiki

    I'm looking for assistance in trying to fill the remaining gaps on the Booster List section of the Hay Day Wiki. If you run across one of these Boosters, please reply to this thread with the details and I'll be sure to update the Wiki. Thanks in advance!

    Purple Booster
    2-star More Ore
    4-star More Ore
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    3-star more coins
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ibssoli27 View Post
    3-star more coins
    Thanks Ibssoli27. The Wiki has been updated.

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    Thanks, Sunnypheonix! The Wiki has been updated.

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    I'm pretty sure that there isn't 2 or 4 star boosters for mining. But of course you cannot be sure without confirmation from SC.

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